The constant media barrage can be overwhelming. How do you monitor and analyze global media so you can identify what matters and distribute relevant insights to the right people at the right time?

The white paper, “Leveraging Global Media in the Age of Big Data,” offers competitive intelligence, marketing, PR and other information professionals practical advice for media monitoring when the volume of business data near doubles annually—from identifying relevant datasets to efficiently delivering insights across the enterprise.

Leveraging Global Media in the Age of Big Data

Global media has the power to shape our perceptions, influence our decisions, and make or break business reputations. Yet, at the pace that media is generated around the world—in print and online news, broadcast and social media, and more—keeping up with the big stories, trends and critical business intelligence is a daunting task.

This white paper takes a look at just how you need to approach the global media challenge to stay abreast of what matters most, including:

  • Starting with the right dataset
  • Filtering out the noise
  • Making relevant information available company wide
  • Turning data into insight with powerful analytics and visualization tools
  • Choosing the right technology partner

Get all of the details, including a quick global media technology checklist, when you download the PDF.

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