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Media content is published and shared across ever-widening array of channels at an ever-increasing rate. How do you home in on what matters most to your company’s success?  Media intelligence.

What is media intelligence?

Media intelligence synthesizes a vast collection of information—from print, web and broadcast news, as well as social media platforms and blogs—to help you:

  • See what’s being said about your company or brands;
  • Benchmark the performance of your PR and marketing initiatives; and
  • Keep track of your competitors, industry trends and more.

Media intelligence empowers you to stay in the know about issues that impact your company so you can implement proactive, informed strategies to achieve your business goals.

How does media intelligence differ from media monitoring?

Media monitoring is just one piece of the puzzle. It enables you to understand the scope—but not the meaning—of media coverage.  Media intelligence fuses media monitoring with data measurement, analysis, visualization and sharing, enabling you to:

  • Monitor what’s happening with your brand, competitors and market—leveraging millions of articles and posts daily, curated specifically to meet your needs.
  • Measure performance by analyzing share of voice, sentiment, geo-maps, source rankings, media types and more.
  • Identify trending topics, potential risks and emerging opportunities sooner.
  • Turn thousands—even millions—of data points into easy-to-digest, shareable data visualizations.

With the deeper insights offered by media intelligence, you can achieve numerous benefits, including:

  • Quicker response time to positive—or negative—brand mentions;
  • Up-to-date intelligence on your competitors to better anticipate challenges or capitalize on weaknesses; and
  • Faster reporting and improved ability to attribute ROI for PR and marketing efforts.

Ultimately, these benefits add up to smarter, faster decision making that fuels business success.

Quality counts: What to look for in media intelligence solutions

As the volume of media has increased, so has the number of tools available to sift through the media barrage. You could work with separate tools spanning myriad channels to monitor, analyze and share media-driven insights. Such an approach, however, is neither time- nor cost-effective—and ultimately results in a disjointed perspective.

A comprehensive media intelligence solution like Nexis Newsdesk brings together the components you need to capture quality media intelligence—all in one place.

Purposely curated, global media sources

With nearly 2.5 million news articles added daily, including content from 235 countries in over 90 languages, Nexis Newsdesk captures data from:

  • More than 77K news sources spanning premium print publications, online news, television and radio broadcasts;
  • Over 2.5M social media feeds including blogs, industry forums, review, videos, podcasts and comments.

Adding to the value of this comprehensive array of sources, Nexis Newsdesk leverages a combination of expert curation and advanced search algorithms to categorize content into 120+ editorial topics and 25+ social categories to help you quickly filter out the noise to find relevant data.

In-the-moment analytics

Nexis Newsdesk makes it easy to move from monitoring the media and conversations to understanding them. Advanced analysis and filtering capabilities are complemented by built-in data visualization tools. Simply drag-and-drop one or more media feeds to the analysis tab to turn raw data into near real-time awareness.

In addition to pre-defined templates that combine multiple charts and graphs for quick competitive, industry, market or social media analysis, Nexis Newsdesk empowers analysis of:

  • Coverage over time;
  • Media coverage by journalist or source;
  • Share of voice;
  • Companies, organizations, people products or combined entities mentioned;
  • Engagement or reach over time;
  • Mentions by location and much more.

And these interactive data visualizations enable users to click on a data point to see the articles behind the data, leading to greater insight.

Need to dive even deeper? Our expert research and analyst teams can provide detailed custom reports, tailored to your unique needs.

Integrated alerts and sharing tools

With monitoring and analysis in place, you still need to push out relevant media intelligence to decision makers—teams across your company, your C-suite, clients or other stakeholders. Nexis Newsdesk makes it easy to stay in the know.

  • Build customized dashboards featuring charts and other data visualizations that update automatically.
  • Create embeddable, interactive charts to drive awareness on your intranet or website.
  • Set up branded alerts and copyright-compliant newsletters to share relevant insights with internal and external audiences.

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