Keep pace with media buzz with media monitoring that spans premium print and web news, broadcast and social media.

What is media monitoring?

Pick a topic. If you want information, you can use a search engine and have hundreds, thousands or even millions of results in just a few keystrokes. But such a one-and-done approach fails to provide deeper insights that companies need to understand emerging trends, brand performance, competitive threats and more.

Media monitoring helps you understand media coverage of your brand and stay on top of a topic over time—whether it’s an industry, company, brand, competitor or trend impacting your business. Given the non-stop flow of information from traditional news outlets and digital media platforms like industry blogs or social media, media monitoring can be a challenge.

Monitoring with free web media sources

You can track a topic of interest using an open web search engine in combination with alerts, but it’s an inefficient process that requires constant filtering of results to weed out irrelevant or outdated information. News monitoring of this fashion can miss critical sources like premium online newspaper articles that are locked behind paywalls or print and broadcast news pieces that are unavailable on the open web.

On the flipside, you could use a combination of tools to monitor media mentions and aggregate the data from all of these separate sources, but again, it’s a time-consuming process. What is the alternative?

Media monitoring and analysis from a single platform

Experience the power of news, social media, print, TV and radio coverage in a single media-monitoring solution. Nexis Newsdesk adds an average of 2.4 million news articles and 2.3 million social posts daily and lets you analyze over 300 million articles in an instant. Create detailed news monitoring and media evaluation reports and uncover new brand and PR insights with one of the most comprehensive media monitoring databases available.

Marketing teams can simultaneously track multiple topics with unlimited keywords across all major languages and international markets, for a complete 360-degree view of the media landscape. Nexis Newsdesk delivers a cost-effective, media-monitoring solution with clients ranging from nimble single-seat marketing professionals to PR agencies with global client lists.

  • Instantly respond to breaking news events with near real-time, worldwide media monitoring
  • Uncover and analyze media trends with a highly cost-effective DIY media analytics solution
  • Share fresh media insights through newsletters enriched with charts and media analysis
  • Benchmark against the competition and analyze the impact of media campaigns over time
  • Consolidate fragmented media monitoring initiatives and save on costly overlap with global media monitoring

Who benefits from comprehensive media monitoring?

Along with robust media monitoring and analysis, Nexis Newsdesk empowers a wide range of business roles in need of timely, relevant insights to help:

  • Public relations teams track the effectiveness of their PR initiatives and spot potential threats earlier in order to develop proactive crisis management plans
  • Corporate communications professionals share valuable information with decision makers across the enterprise
  • Media and publishing pros enrich information services with relevant content via focused news feeds and hand-curated news monitoring
  • Marketing and corporate strategy departments gain actionable insights with in-the-moment trend and competitor analyses and alerts

Nexis Newsdesk offers instant, searchable access to our market-leading news index.

  • Instantly search 300 million current news items, social media posts, print articles and broadcast clips
  • Monitor over 2.4 million new articles a day—categorized, fully searchable, and spam-free
  • Near real-time media monitoring coverage across 85,000 online news, broadcast and print sources
  • Key social media sites including blogs, forums, Twitter®, Facebook®, Google+®, YouTube and many more
  • Quickly and accurately refine topics with powerful search filters designed for a business audience
  • Advanced media analytics with many charting options and full data download to Microsoft® Excel
  • Set up automated email alerts and send fully-branded newsletters with charts and analysis
  • Add niche sources on request for a fully-tailored media monitoring solution
  • Receive outstanding customer support from dedicated account managers and media monitoring specialists