Drive informed decision-making with handy news sharing features in Nexis Newsdesk.

Make smarter, more informed business decisions by sharing the Web’s most relevant business news with teams and individuals across your organization. Advanced filtering options together with global media coverage across industries, markets and professions help you quickly and easily create highly-refined news topics for any audience and information need.

Nexis Newsdesk gives information professionals and communications teams the ability to centrally organize the distribution of business news to the company, offering a highly-responsive media intelligence service that integrates seamlessly with existing communications channels.

  • Share business news across the organization from 85,000 online news, broadcast and print sources
  • Serve highly-refined news feeds to diverse audiences with powerful search filters for extremely accurate results
  • Seamlessly integrate the latest business news on an intranet, via email and into employee workflow
  • Share news with complete editorial control with article-level clipping and instant feed edits
  • Incorporate custom source additions for fully-tailored coverage of the media landscape

Key Features

Nexis Newsdesk is designed to let business professionals simultaneously serve multiple audiences with diverse information needs.

  • Instantly search breaking news from 85,000 online news, broadcast and print sources, as well as key social media sites including blogs, forums, Twitter®, Facebook®, Google+®, YouTube and others
  • Access industry and business sources, national and local news sites, government and regulatory updates
  • Accurately refine media coverage with business-focused news filters including industry, region, rank and topic
  • Disseminate news with full editorial control, down to article level additions and deletions
  • Offer news as part of the daily workflow thanks to flexible integration features including RSS and API options
  • Set up automated news alerts and created branded newsletters
  • Add the company view to media events and share news via enterprise networking services such as Yammer
  • Experienced customer support offering editorial consultancy and the option to add custom news sources