In a dynamic, always-on media landscape, the news you need to compete effectively can go by in a flash. Ensure you capture a big-picture view with a tool that empowers you to monitor, analyze and share competitive intelligence.

The most efficient research unites media monitoring with analysis to deliver key insights, where and when they’re needed most. Take a sneak peek at the case study preview below to learn how one company media fragmentation to deliver the insights its customers need to reach the top.

Pélissier & Perroud uses Nexis Newsdesk to access the right information at the right time

Pélissier & Perroud is an international business consultancy focusing on competitive and market intelligence. The company provides strategic and economic intelligence services to help accelerate their customer’s competitiveness and reduce business risk.

With more than 15 years of experience in Competitive and Market Intelligence, the founders of Pélissier & Perroud know that good decisions cannot be made without good information.

Challenge: Deliver Crucial Information Faster

Pélissier & Perroud’s objective is to help Swiss organizations develop and sharpen their competitiveness in today’s dynamic and fast moving economy. In this environment keeping a close eye on competitors to monitor their developments and performance is vital. Accessing reliable competitive intelligence in the form of media monitoring, competitive intelligence reports and ad hoc research projects is a necessity for their customers to stay informed and stay ahead.

To provide these services, Pélissier & Perroud’s specialist research team needs access to global premium news content, all accessible from a single source. Before working with Nexis Newsdesk, Pélissier & Perroud had to monitor news and information manually, spending a considerable amount of time checking RSS feeds and hundreds of sources daily.

Solution: LexisNexis® delivers news and analysis in one user-friendly interface

Nexis Newsdesk is a media-monitoring and analytics solution that allows you to search, analyze and share critical information necessary for making data-driven decisions. Pélissier & Perroud chose Nexis Newsdesk to consolidate their media monitoring on one easy-to-use tool.

Pélissier & Perroud now benefits from:

  • Access to more than 80,000 licensed and free news sources in near real time
  • Sources from more than 100 countries in 75 languages
  • Customizable distribution tools
  • Extensive analytic tools
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Individual customer support

The user-friendly interface means that employees can efficiently manage and modify their media-monitoring searches. The team can now access all the information they need with one click, saving valuable time which can be spent on high-value strategic consulting.

Download the full case study to learn how using Nexis Newsdesk enables Pélissier & Perroud to cut through the media clutter to find highly relevant competitive and market intelligence quickly.