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See what media monitoring reveals about efforts to achieve U.N. sustainable development goals.

Media analysis offers insights into global initiatives

Two years ago, the United Nations set 17 sustainable development goals to “end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all” by 2030. Throughout the coming year, we’ll be tracking media coverage to better understand progress toward those goals—and the work that still needs to be done. Come back often to explore our interactive charts showing near real-time media coverage. Want to help generate awareness? Embed our charts on your website to share with your visitors. Ask how today!

Peace: Fostering peaceful, just and inclusive societies

The road to peace starts with eradicating poverty, hunger, inequality and injustice around the world. Explore what’s being said—across a wide range of print, digital and social media—about these four U.N. sustainable development goals. Click the chart to see the story behind the data.*

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People: Empowering health, education and gender equality for all

Learn how efforts to put good health, quality education and gender equality within reach for all are playing out in the media. Bookmark this page to keep up with coverage over time.

Prosperity: Growing a strong, inclusive and transformative economy

Achieving prosperity takes more than money. See how basic necessities—clean water, sustainable energy, safe communities and a resilient infrastructure—fuel innovation and sustainable economic growth. Share these charts on your site or blog.

Planet: Protecting our ecosystem for future generations

Combating climate change, as well as conserving marine and land resources, keeps the Earth healthy for generations to come. Media analysis reveals the share of voice these goals are earning. Embed these charts on your website to raise awareness.

Partnership: Engaging People via Social Media

We’ve all seen how social media inspires action. See the companies and organizations partnering with the U.N. for sustainable development. Spread the word by embedding this chart on your website.

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Media Coverage Over Time, Share of Voice, Sentiment and Coverage by Locations Mentioned analyze media coverage for the past 30 days, from articles found on open Web sources such as websites, news sites and blogs, as well as licensed print, broadcast and Web news. Licensed news content is available to current LexisNexis Newsdesk subscribers only and will prompt login.

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