U.S. Presidential Campaign Tracker

See what media monitoring reveals about the 2020 Presidential Race and keep tabs on the hot topics throughout the election.

Media Monitoring Insights into the U.S. presidency

As voters prepared to head to the polls, the candidates on the campaign trail faced increasing scrutiny, and that scrutiny does not stop after inauguration. See how LexisNexis Newsdesk® media monitoring and analysis works. Our interactive charts showcase a look into the race to the White House and capture a 30-day or 7-day glimpse of near real-time media coverage that you can explore presidential coverage further in just a few clicks.

2020 Democratic Candidate Media Coverage Over Time

Media attention shifted as the presidential candidates vied for the highest office in the U.S. What insights can be discovered in a vast array of news content? Click on candidate names to add or remove them from the chart; then, click on the data points to view the articles.*

* Licensed news content is available to current LexisNexis Newsdesk® subscribers only and will prompt login.

2020 Candidate Share of Voice

Which candidates earned the greatest share of voice? Click to see who was covering the candidates.

Tracking the New President’s Media Coverage

Campaign Coverage By Locations Mentioned

Individual states are impacted differently by decisions made in the White House. Check out the locations where media attention on the President is peaking and click to find out why.

Hot Topics surrounding the White House

How will conversations shift over the next four years? Embed this chart on your website to share the hot-button topics of the new presidency.

If the world’s ‘atwitter’ about the President, we’ve got it covered. Keep checking back to follow trending hashtags and what’s being said on social media.

Presidential Hashtags

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      Media Coverage Over Time, Share of Voice, Sentiment and Coverage by Locations Mentioned analyze media coverage for the past 30 days, from articles found on open Web sources such as websites, news sites and blogs, as well as licensed print, broadcast and Web news. Licensed news content is available to current LexisNexis Newsdesk subscribers only and will prompt login.

      Social Media Coverage charts analyze 7 days of coverage from blogs, comments, Twitter®, Facebook® and Google+®. The charts are updated every 15 minutes, with new results appearing upon page refresh.