Protect your company from FCPA investigations

You don’t have to be an international conglomerate to be at risk for non-compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA). Small, medium or large, your organization could face substantial fines and other negative consequences that only compound the financial burden—not to mention, the stigma associated with corruption perception. If you have global business dealings, enforcement agencies will be watching.

Compliance management is easier with Nexis Diligence

Setting up internal control to protect against bribery and corruption is not enough. If you rely on third-parties to conduct business on your behalf in other countries, you need to have an enhanced due-diligence process in place to ensure you are screening all third parties to mitigate compliance risk. Nexis Diligence helps you manage compliance risk by:

  • Creating Alerts in crucial sources, such as Negative News and Sanctions & Warnings, to monitor on-going activity
  • Anticipating bribery or risk potential based on detailed country risk analysis reports from the Economist Intelligence Unit and D&B®
  • Conducting due diligence with M&A targets to avoid joint ventures that could put your company at risk of being held accountable for past bad acts of the other company.

Your finances and your reputation are at stake. Make sure you have the right process and due-diligence technology in place to protect them both.

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