Safeguard your organization’s reputation and manage risk by providing one-stop access to critical business information with the Nexis Diligence service. Using global content, a simple interface and sophisticated tools, you can reduce the time and expense of conducting effective background checks and due diligence.

Be ready to research and vet a potential investment opportunity, acquisition or other strategic alliance. Nexis Diligence gives you access to news, company reports, U.S. public records, sanctions and regulatory watchlists, politically exposed person (PEP) lists, biographies, a party’s litigation history (cases, dockets) and more.


Mitigate risk and reputational harm

How can you be better positioned to reduce bribery and corruption risk … and avoid reputational harm that could result from association with unethical parties? The Nexis Diligence service helps you efficiently gain an in-depth understanding of companies and individuals that interact with your company.

  • Review the latest news about a company or person. You can easily choose criteria to focus exclusively on negative news.
  • Screen against watchlists—check sanctions, regulatory lists, law enforcement watchlists and PEP lists.
  • Review a person or company’s litigation history through legal source data covering federal and state dockets, agency decisions, and jury verdicts and settlements.
  • Generate investigative reports for compliance and corporate security purposes.

Make due diligence research more effective

With vast sources at your fingertips—including global content—The Nexis Diligence service helps you take a thorough approach to due diligence research on companies and individuals. Use Nexis Diligence to research entities, explore associated entity interests, check for red flags and develop an entity profile with ease. Save time by including multiple databases in a single search. And stay on top of changes by creating person or company alerts across all content or specific types.

Efficiently check individuals against news, negative news, sanctions and watchlists, PEP lists, biographical references and legal sources.

Easily verify a company’s registered address, directors’ names, business description, location, biographical data and more. With access to Experian® business data and risk scores, you can review a U.S. company’s financial health.

Take advantage of convenient features

  • The straightforward Nexis Diligence search form works with the preferences and filters you choose to help you find relevant results.
  • Fuzzy name matching technology retrieves variants of the same name.
  • Snapshot view shows you the scope of search results across content types and lets you download up to 200 documents per content type in one click.

Improve entity screening

Nexis Diligence business background checks are supported by more than 40,000 licensed news sources with deep archives going back decades.

Your screening process can also encompass sanction and watchlist verification, including U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), FinCEN, HM Treasury and the FBI – plus more than 1.4M PEPs.

Get deeper screening information on companies and individuals by including our U.S. public records collection in your subscription along with Nexis Diligence. Gain access to more than 83 billion public records covering names, addresses, places of employment, cellular and unpublished phone numbers, licenses, property records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments and much more.


Be ready for compliance audits

Nexis Diligence helps you stay on top of due diligence regulatory compliance requirements—for example, under anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and corruption regulations—and be ready for reporting.

The Report Builder makes it easy to share your research results and demonstrate compliance efforts. Once you’ve collected all the documents you need into a central report, you can add notes to help explain or summarize the finer details of your research. Easily organize the report’s content so the most important data appears first. A research summary at the end of the report provides an audit trail.

Need to go back to an earlier search? Nexis Diligence keeps a history of searches you perform, along with information about how the search was performed and the number of results that were found, based on the result category you viewed. You can rerun a search from History anytime during the 30 days after your initial search.