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Personalization has topped the marketing ‘trends’ list for years. And it’s not just retailers that have embraced the trend. Digital news junkies can download apps that deliver updates based on their preferences. Social media sites allow users to curate their feeds. Such constant exposure to personalized content means that when digital natives arrive on university campuses, they expect online library databases to offer similar tailoring features. Nexis Uni® makes it happen.

An academic search engine that recognizes unique content needs

Nexis Uni provides IP-authenticated access with the option to create an individual profile. This enables students to use the online database without registering if they desire. However, by creating a user ID and password, students extend their research capabilities to:

  • Set up real-time alerts for news on topics of interest
  • Save searches so they can be quickly re-run when updated results are needed
  • Bookmark documents of interest to easily return to them later

As Nexis Uni evolves, additional personalization features—such as self-curated discipline pages and social integration—will become available.

The personalized experience also means that students can use Nexis Uni—whenever and wherever they want—thanks to a responsive web design that adapts to a wide range of devices and screen dimensions.

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Experience scholarly research—evolved

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