The average college student owns seven tech devices. Sure, game systems and video streaming devices fall in that mix, but laptop computers sit at the top of that list at 85 percent, followed by smartphones at 70 percent. Does this sound like you? When it comes to using technology in an academic setting, you probably rely on tech devices to:

  • Scout out ideas for writing research papers
  • Access scholarly journals on college research websites
  • Export academic citations for your work
  • Collaborate with other students for group projects

LexisNexis® recognizes that all of this experience using technology means you have very clear expectations when it comes to the tools you use to conduct research.

How does Nexis Uni® accelerate academic research?

Built with input from students like you, Nexis Uni is an ideal research partner, helping you hone the critical research and analysis skills you’ll need on your journey from college to career. LexisNexis recognizes that you want an academic search engine that is not only easy to use—much like Google®—but that also delivers results appropriate for scholarly research.

Nexis Uni offers:

  • Personalization—ID and password creation allows you to schedule Alerts for topics of interest, save searches that you conduct frequently or bookmark documents of interest to review later.
  • Discovery—Guided search forms and discipline pages offer a clear starting point for your research, helping you capture relevant, credible results for your area of study, while advanced filtering and results visualization tools enable you to quickly focus on key data points.
  • Collaboration—Document and folder sharing makes it easy to partner with other students on projects.

Plus, you can access Nexis Uni from your desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphone so it’s always with you when you need it.

Want to experience a new route to academic research? Ask your librarian about Nexis Uni today.

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