Get the story behind the hashtag with 78+ billion public records and 40,000 premium and online news archives and business sources. Nexis delivers a collection of competitive intelligence sources curated by research experts, so you spend less time vetting results for actionable data. In addition to news and select social media sources, you get access to 80 million companies, over 1,000 industry sources, and 75 million executive and biographical sources, plus vital regulatory, legal, and public records content.

How does Nexis stack up to free online monitoring?
We’re constantly updating our news database and archived content collection to help you get your work done faster, whether that’s adding to our global news collection, pulling in pieces on emerging markets, or pulling in new social media content. With Nexis, you get sources selected by our editors for relevancy and authority. Much of our content also gives you access to full-text documents, not just links, summaries or abstracts.

  • Get content licensed from the publisher. Our content comes directly from the publisher, ensuring editorial integrity and source accuracy.
  • Valued added through editorial services.LexisNexis editorial staff standardize, index, and archive all of our content, enabling you to find exactly what you need and access it again at a later date if needed.

How do Nexis sources stack up to free online monitoring? We’re glad you asked! Read the whitepaper: Monitoring News Coverage: When it Comes to Online Tools, You Get What You Pay For.”

Still not convinced anybody can deliver that much great stuff? Browse our Searchable Online Directory of Sources for detailed source information.

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