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In an article on the importance of news archives, the Columbia Journalism Review notes, “Our records are the raw material of history; the shelter of our memories for the future.” While journalists have a powerful reason to protect the work of the past, they aren’t the only people who can benefit from using newspaper archives to fill in gaps in research.

Whether you’re conducting background research on a breaking news story or looking for trends over time to fuel your strategic planning, you need more than a 30- or 90-day view of the news. Nexis® can help you bridge information gaps with deep news archives from trusted sources.

Use newspaper archives to meet journalistic standards

With the focus on fake news these days, journalists need to deliver credible, well-researched content to overcome audience skepticism. Nexis makes it possible.  Our extensive collection of sources makes it easier for journalists to conduct appropriate due diligence to verify questionable stories, including gaining a historical view that could identify the ultimate source of fake news or evidence that a story has been misreported based on multiple reports of the same situation. In addition, if publishers print a correction or retraction to an article already in the Nexis archive, we update the archive accordingly.

When it’s time to go beyond current coverage, Nexis delivers.  Our news content includes:


1,200+ newspapers including 99 of the top 100 U.S. newspapers with coverage across 50 states and all territories, as well as newspapers covering colleges, ethnic groups and niche  audiences


1,000 U.S. web sites monitored within our web news collection


100+ newswires featuring press releases and near real-time coverage of breaking events  


6,000+ social media and web content curated from influential industry and topic blogs, along with tweets from business, political and cultural leaders


1,500+ magazines & trade journals including popular consumer magazines, trade and Industry publications, journals, and newsletters providing  intelligence on new research, industry trends, company events, industry leaders and consumer trends and preferences


National & local transcripts from leading television and radio reporting and commentary on local–to-international influencers and events

Having aggregated news content for decades, Nexis offers the added benefit of deep news archives for a wide range of premium, global sources, such as:

  • Associated Press – from 1977
  • The Globe and Mail (Canada) - from 1977
  • La Tribune – From 1970
  • The New York Times – from 1969
  • Wall Street Journal Abstracts – from 1973
  • The Washington Post – from 1977
  • Xinhua General News Service – from 1977

With more than 40,000 news and business sources from 4,000+ publishers worldwide, you can conduct background research with confidence and publish stories that paint the detailed picture your audience wants to see.

Expand the range of your business intelligence research

Our news archives aren’t limited to wire services and newspapers. Nexis also maintains historical coverage of broadcast media, news magazines and industry-specific publications, such as:

  • ADWEEK – from 1970
  • American Banker – from 1979
  • BBC Monitoring: International Reports – from 1979
  • Chemical Week – from 1975
  • Engineering News-Record – from 1970
  • Forbes – From 1975
  • Newsweek – from 1975
  • NPR "All Things Considered" – from 1971
  • PBS Newshour – from 1976
  • US News & World Report – from 1975

Tapping these archives can help you uncover critical business intelligence, including industry trends or competitor performance over time. As a result, your research can help to deliver a competitive advantage when identifying promising strategies to fuel business success.

As with all content in our comprehensive collection, news archives have our powerful taxonomy and data enrichment applied, ensuring that you spend less time searching and more time uncovering relevant insights.

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