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  • Save time
  • Create stickiness to keep clients and prospects coming back
  • Keep up-to-date on competitors and industry news
  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Respond quickly to late-breaking developments
  • Avoid copyright infringement
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  • Superior News Offering – retrieve the most comprehensive results without missing critical issues or opportunities.
  • Integration of External RSS Feeds and Client-Created Content – add and search RSS feeds from various Web sources, and add internally written articles to create an integrated content experience for your end-users, saving them the time it takes to digest news from multiple sources.
  • Flexible Online Delivery Formats and E-Mail Notification Options – deliver content through your choice of distribution channel, including intranet, portal, Internet, extranet, e-mail (on demand or on a schedule), newsletter (via the newsletter tool), RSS feed and mobile device. Send published results to end-users either on demand or on a schedule.
  • Create and Publish Customized Newsletters – create newsletters that deliver specific documents from multiple topics to targeted audiences in an easy-to-read format with a table of contents. Publish e-mail newsletters efficiently using professional-looking templates. Even add customized logos, headers and links to more information.
  • Deep Content Archive – get longer access to stories of interest with published articles that remain “live” for up to 90 days.
  • Searchable Archives – search engine allows end-users to find archived results easily. And because the search runs across already published documents, they’ve been pre-filtered for relevance.
  • Frequent and Flexible Updates/Alerts – as vital issues heat up, send alerts daily, hourly or on demand, simultaneously notifying each reader via their preferred delivery method and format. Combine multiple alerts into one customized communication.
  • Save time – automate the process of sending out alerts instead of spending hours consolidating alerts by cutting and pasting several items onto a document.
  • Create stickiness to keep clients and prospects coming back - share dynamic, targeted content on topics of interest that provide your website’s visitors vital information and gives them a reason to return.
  • Keep up-to-date on competitors and industry news – monitor your business environment through in-depth news coverage and deliver competitive intelligence immediately to end-users who need it most.
  • Make better-informed decisions – deliver timely business intelligence including late-breaking news and critical information on key legal issues affecting your business environment with customized updates sent daily or hourly to help your organization make better, more-informed decisions and provide better client service.
  • Respond quickly to late-breaking developments – alert your organization rapidly with breaking news to help personnel react quickly on developments impacting your business.
  • Avoid copyright infringement - stay in compliance with copyrights by eliminating the copying of news for mass distribution.

Top Talent Top Talent Demands Top Technology

  • Arming supply management professionals with top technology delivers more than traditional savings; it helps attract, build and retain the next generation of business leaders.



Top Talent Need for Supplier Diligence and On-going Monitoring

  • Louis Berard outlines the recent financial services’ risk management guidelines defined by the OCC and reflects on the impact a lack of due diligence and continuous monitoring of third-party relationships can cause.



James Ritchie How well do you know your supply chain

  • James Ritchie reflects on lessons from a recent round-table session and identifies key steps for improving visibility around potential risks.



Leveraging Market Intelligence to Better Manage Supply Chain Risk

  • With the increased use of Tier 2 and Tier 3 global suppliers, even the most highly recognized companies find themselves vulnerable to the costly impact of using high-risk suppliers. Now you can help protect your company from events like the 2012 apparel factory fires in Bangladesh and Pakistan by using the latest technology to discover early warning signs of risk obtained from a unique selection of global resources and displayed in an easy-to-read format.


Managing Supplier Risk with Third Party Supplier Data

  • Gain insight into how best-in-class companies gather and utilize third-party data to onboard and monitor their suppliers. Included are detailed research results, analysis and recommendations to successfully implement third-party data practices in your company.

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