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Make your students’ safety your number-one priority, in spite of challenges such as heightened pressure to reduce costs in the context of today’s challenging economic climate, and outdated or incomplete information that complicates investigations. Use LexisNexis® Public Records and SmartLinx® for Campus Security.

Solve cases more quickly and accurately with the most comprehensive information and analysis available so you can develop and investigate case leads faster.

Enhance officer safety and reduce crime rates through better leads and intelligence.

Maximize budget and valuable resources by reducing the time and effort required to get the information you need.

Comprehensive information—more than 35 million public records—and analysis helps you develop and investigate case leads faster.

Powerful search capabilities such as easy-to-use search forms, the ability to find similar-sounding last names, the ability to find nicknames of first names, SmartLinx® technology, Comprehensive Person Report, and more—help you get more quickly to the information you need.

Entity rollup provides all of a person’s names, aliases, associated SSNs, addresses, and phone numbers in a single listing.

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