Providing Critical, Timely Data that Allows You to Influence and Inform

Stay on top of legislative and regulatory activity.

You must be aware of developments in order to have influence over business-impacting legislation. With the sheer quantity of information produced at every level of government, you need next-generation technology and unmatched, enhanced content to stay ahead and make insightful decisions.

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Identify Relevant Bills

New legislation and regulations are always coming. It’s up to you to stay on top of them.

State Net provides the tools for you to understand what measures will impact your organization out of the 150,000 bills considered each year.


Understand Impact

You need to understand the potential implications to your organization are likelihood of passage.

State Net provides interpretation, organization, and analytics to help be prepared, and influence where needed.


Analyze & Manage Information

Managing the constant flow of information can be daunting and time-consuming.

State Net’s Issue Screening experts can take this burden on for you with custom search and delivery of information relevant to your organization.

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When you have the necessary information, communicating and motivating internal and external stakeholders is essential.

State Net provides multiple communication tools that alert, track on your mobile device, share visual snapshots and create self-customized reports.

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