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Update stakeholders about upcoming enactments and new laws quickly and easily. Report developments to company executives, boards of directors or your team with customized reports. Ferret out bills that could affect your bottom line using advanced State Net® search tools. Limit searches to enactments or bills that have been sent to a governor.

Use State Net’s Code Links for a quick-click analysis of how bills will affect existing law. We don’t simply parachute you into the text of a lengthy law and wish you the best. We give you the power to click directly from all versions of a bill to the precise section you’re looking for. See, in perspective, how proposed law fits into the bigger picture. Such precise linking enables you to make faster, more informed decisions.
Code Links Product Sheet

Go beyond legislature websites for developments that will impact your compliance programs. Get executive orders from state governors. Know effective dates for new laws so you know how much time you have to comply. Make sure you have the “final, final” version of a bill with our Chaptered Versions of Bill Text.

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