Legislative Tracking of Your State & the Nation

Stop bad bills before they stop you

It’s tough to keep track of legislative developments, even within your own state. But it’s a must. Legislative proposals can have a huge impact on regulatory agencies, as well as city and county departments. State Net® provides advanced workflow tools to engage external stakeholders and internal subject–matter experts throughout your organization. Quickly identify and track bills, and determine how they impact your operations and budgets. Enhance your team’s insights with ours for a customized perspective.

Make sure citizens are appropriately served. Get information when you need it so you can address potentially detrimental bills before they gain momentum. Our legislative analysts thrive on giving you early warnings of proposals that will impact the goals and mission of your agency or department.

Many bills are introduced every year that impact your department’s funding and programs. Since legislation can proceed on a fast track, you must stay current, understand a proposal’s impact, monitor budget and appropriations activity, and know when hearings are taking place. Let us keep you informed about new proposals, amended text and bill status changes.

Communicate essential information to internal and external stakeholders in a way that is timely, manageable and effective. With State Net you can create reports and coordinate internal and external communications effectively. Quickly task division experts to analyze proposed bills and amendments.

For cities and counties of all sizes, let us help you monitor pending bills and regulations that impact how you operate.

Interested in what is happening in states across the country? We help there, too. State Net tracks the activity in every state, plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Congress.

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