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You want to be the first to alert your client about risks or potential upsides emanating from legislative action. Put the advanced State Net® Code Links search solution to analyze the potential impact of legislative proposals so you can decide which ones to track. See how new bills will affect current law. Gain insights into what legislators intended when they crafted their proposals. We don’t simply parachute you into the text of a lengthy law and wish you the best. We give you the power to click directly from all versions of a bill to the precise section of the relevant statute. See, in perspective, how a proposed law fits into the bigger picture. State Net Code Links refer you to the specific relevant code section, and the language you need, so you can better counsel your clients.

Track a bill’s progress with automatic alerts. Know when an important bill hits a wall or is sailing through the process. X-Press Alerts let you know about action on a bill throughout the day, wherever you are. Committee Hearing Alerts tell you when hearings are scheduled and can even put them on your calendar. Get new summaries, titles and keyword assignments when a bill is significantly amended, or when new, unrelated provisions are made to the original draft so you can react when there is a move to gut or bloat legislation that is important to your client.

Employ the power of Version Text Compare for an easy-to-comprehend, side-by-side visual of two versions of a bill. Only want to be alerted to bills that are moving or are likely to pass? Use our status and disposition filters to get the type of updates you need. Keep clients informed with our customized reporting tools.


Gain the deeper insights your clients expect

Don’t fall victim to the assumption that all important government affairs information is on legislature websites. With State Net you get Legislative Prefiles that tell you what will be introduced when a session convenes. Get Executive Orders from governors; Bill Resolutions that give insights into where state law may be heading; Ballot Measures so your client can plan ahead. Click to valuable background with sponsor biographies, committee profiles and legislator contact information—directly from the text of bills themselves.

State Net Mobile keeps you in touch with legislative developments while you are on the go. Access bills, hearings and directories from all states, the District of Columbia and Congress from any smartphone or tablet. Manage bills in your tracking file and receive X-press Alerts while you are away from the office.

Use State Net Legislative Outlook for forecasts and prognosis indicators to focus on bills that are most likely to progress through the process. Ever feel like information is coming at you through a fire hose? Put this solution to work to control the flow and draw a bead on legislation that matters to your clients, and understand the political factors that impact a bill’s chances.

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