California’s Orange County has been the ultimate GOP stronghold, so much so it long ago earned the moniker “the Orange Curtain.” But California’s Republicans are in a freefall, with their statewide popularity falling somewhere now between toe lint and an IRS audit. Proof? You want proof? Oh, I have your proof. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the OC now has more registered Democrats (547,458) than it does registered Republicans (547,369) something once considered absolutely unthinkable. And in the last Congressional mid-terms, Dems took all seven of the region’s House seats for the first time since the New Deal was a thing. Whether Dems hold those seats in the next elections remains to be seen. But given that a certain Republican president that Californians overwhelmingly despise will be on the ballot in 2020, Reeps ought to not be holding their breath.



-- By Rich Ehisen