Regulatory Tracking of Your State & the Nation

Make regulations your friends, not your enemies

There is no shortage of regulation these days, and once enacted, many rules seem to enter a perpetual state of change. When it comes to your mandate, tracking and responding to regulatory machinations is critical: they can put a serious crimp in your operation or give it a welcomed boost.

But it’s challenging to track regulatory developments, even within your own state, but it is a critical task. New or amended can seriously impact city and county departments. With our solutions you can quickly identify and track regulations and determine how they impact your operations and budgets. State Net® also provides advanced workflow tools to engage external stakeholders and internal subject matter experts throughout your organization. You can even enhance your team’s insights with ours for a customized perspective.

Communicate important regulatory proposals or changes to internal and external stakeholders in a way that is timely, manageable and effective. With State Net resources you can create reports and coordinate internal and external communications effectively, and quickly direct your teams to analyze proposed regulations and changes.

For cities and counties of all sizes, let us help you track pending regulations that impact how you operate.

Interested in what is happening in cities, counties and states across the country? We help there, too. State Net tracks the activity at the state and federal levels.

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