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You must have strong communication skills and a network of policymakers and public officials. Your company or client correctly assumes you are intimate with their regulatory interests. Whether you are speaking privately on their behalf, representing them publicly or responding to inquiries about proposals, you must have a reliable source of the latest regulatory developments. But those developments can be tough to track and even harder to digest. We’re here for you. The State Net® regulatory tracking team can put its regulatory acumen to work for you, turning raw data into actionable insights. Let our analysts monitor myriad sources to provide you with the most reliableand comprehensive intelligence you need.

In your world, time is of the essence. That is why we make sure you have a sufficient heads up so you can act on new proposals, changes or strategies. That means you will have the information you need—when you need it—to influence the process or provide important updates to your colleagues or clients.

Benefit from the efficiency that comes from our analysts’ summaries and our intelligent search technology. Operate our useful filters to sift out everything but regulations you care about or particular concepts of interest. Calendar important deadlines, get handy agency contact information, set up automatic alerts, and take advantage of the system’s tagging feature to organize your information. While you’re at it, we have a solution to efficiently update your stakeholders, too.

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