What APIs can you use for third-party data with Nexis® DaaS?

A laptop with aggregated content being delivered via data API
  • Bulk delivery APIs deliver semi-structured news, legal and regulatory content reaching back more than 30 years. These deliver large volumes of content for historical analysis, predictive modeling, business intelligence and more.
  • Search and retrieve APIs offer access to a wide variety of third-party datasets with search and retrieve functionality, as well as post-search filters to further refine your search results.
  • Ongoing monitoring options are used for ongoing monitoring purposes, such as receiving real-time updates on developments in the news relevant to your use case.
  • Our Data Lake leverages the best-in-class Jupyter Notebook environment, allowing users to search, refine and analyze our unmatched enriched news data—all in one place

We also offer an extensive, well-established ecosystem of trusted third-party technology providers to help our customers integrate data quickly and efficiently to power digital transformation initiatives.

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