An enrichment process that resolves and refines data results for extraction

We infuse meaning into our vast amounts of content through an intelligent data enrichment process. This proprietary data categorization and indexing, along with third-party tagging, enables more efficient, targeted data calls and results wrangling.

So, with Nexis® Data as a Service (DaaS), you gain greater flexibility in your post-processing organization and can more easily extract valuable insights from our unmatched wealth of varied datasets.

Source & license

We identify trusted third-party data sources of premium and open web content relevant to multiple academic and business use cases.

Resolve & Normalize

We convert disparate types of data into clean, semi-structured datasets, making them easier to work with for researchers and business users.

Data Enrichments

We apply metadata and enrich our content so users can filter out the noise and quickly find relevant data.

Data Delivery

Our intuitive, flexible APIs give you choice and flexibility over how you use the enriched data.

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Data APIs and Platforms

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