News Data & Adverse Media Screening

If information is the fuel your company and clients need, think of the Nexis® Metabase news and social commentary API as your pipeline to insight.

News API and data delivery options

Our news API and news data delivery options provide access to normalized, semi-structured data in XML format, enabling standard and flexible integration into any database or application.

A computer monitor with a magnifying glass over a cloud to represent searching and retrieving datasets

News API: Search and Retrieve

Fast, comprehensive access to our datasets across all media types.

Three different colored documents circle around one another to represent a continuous stream of data

News API: Firehose

Full firehose of Metabase data, normalized into one data stream.

A magnifying glass searches text on a document to represent refined data search

News API: Custom Data Feed

Create filters using Boolean logic to isolate the precise news and media data needed.

Multiple text documents and newspapers stacked on top of each other to represent bulk quantities of news datasets

Bulk News Data Delivery

Up to a 10-year archive of licensed datasets and 100 days of publicly available content.

Take a look at our news data delivery options.

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