Enhance your insights from big data analytics

Nexis® Data as a Service offers flexible data APIs and environment options to bring third-party data sets into your big data analytics projects.

Flexible data delivery.

An icon with two arrows pointing in opposite directions to represent search and retrieval API functionality


Search and retrieve the vast Nexis® Data as a Service universe within your own environment with seamless access to relevant datasets.

An icon with red arrow pointing up to represent a bulk delivery API providing a bulk of updated data


Get new and updated information as it happens, via a real-time stream of all available data or specifically refined data sets in a constant feed.

An icon of a computer screen with a cloud to represent a cloud-based data lake


Automate the execution of searches, streamline the process of staying informed and receive real-time updates to efficiently track the topics you care about.

Two arrows circling around each other to represent ongoing and continuous data monitoring


Access an archive of extensive, enriched data sets through batch deliveries, one-time data set pulls or by requesting an entire dataset.

Learn more about data APIs available with Nexis DaaS

Nexis Data APIs

Seamless integration with your data platform.

Nexis Data as a Service integrates easily with data platforms such as Snowflake, so you can leverage the power of LexisNexis datasets within your preferred environment.


Why Nexis Data as a Service?

Predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms and other artificial intelligence applications won’t run on empty. Nexis Data as a Service offers bulk, constant call data APIs and on-premises applications for delivering highly relevant, archival and current datasets to power your big data projects. Our expansive source universe features petabytes of semi-structured, normalized and enriched text-based data to meet a wide range of data needs.

A laptop with three columns of scrolling data on its screen to represent an extensive data archive

40+ Year Archive

A newspaper, legal scales, a chat bubble with a thumbs-up, and various text data icons to represent a diverse range of data sources

80K Sources

A skyscraper with two rings around it to represent a company being utilized for data

80M Companies Covered

Four text-based data documents stacked on top of each other to represent the thousands of topics available

13K+ Topics

Multiple data cubes filtering through a circle to represent data in multiple languages being made accessible

75 Languages

The platform with multiple rings around it to represent countries being utilized as data sources

100+ Countries

What Nexis Data as a Service can do

Data lies at the heart of digital transformation. Whether forecasting with predictive analytics or conducting trend analysis, improving competitive intelligence or ensuring accuracy and compliance, we provide the complementary third-party data your organization needs to make strategic, data-driven decisions. Enhance your data analysis and business intelligence with data that can be trusted, accessed and analyzed when and how it’s needed with Nexis® Data as a Service.

How Nexis Data as a Service Enriches Data

A magnifying glass searching a document to for specific data

Source & License Premium Content

Premium and open web content is identified that can be sourced to support multiple use cases—from academic research to corporate risk management.

Three differently colored pieces of swirling paper to represent data enrichment


Metadata is expertly applied to clean, semi-structured data. This enables users to quickly filter out irrelevant data and get to the datasets they need to use.

A stack of content documents with different lines of text highlighted to represented data being resolved and normalized

Resolve & Normalize

Once trustworthy content is identified, Nexis Data as a Service converts it into clean, semi-structured data, so that it becomes easier to work with in a variety of ways.

A computer monitor displaying data accessed from an API


Enriched data is delivered via flexible, easy-to-integrate APIs and other deliver methods, such as on-premises hosting, to give uses immediate access to relevant content.

Learn about our data fabrication & indexing process

Our Fabrication & Indexing

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