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Get problem-solving insights faster and on your terms

Transform information into action with one customizable API that delivers all the data you need, exactly how you need it, with credible data across a variety of use cases, geographies, and industries.

Nexis Data+ is data magic.

Access Unrivaled Data

No other solution matches the quality and quantity of Nexis Data+ data, with more than 3.8 million documents uploaded to our system everyday.

Harness Dynamic Data Enrichments

Get speed to insight with dynamic smart data enrichments that use exclusive linking and clustering technology.

Choose Your Data Delivery Method

Simplify data access through a single API platform, instantly connecting your tools, processes, systems, and portals with the LexisNexis data universe.

AI-Driven Event Modeling & Prediction

Power your AI-driven machine learning, pattern discovery, and predictive analytics with comprehensive data to actively anticipate future outcomes and make well-informed decisions. 

Data Analysis

Utilize diverse, extensive datasets to extract valuable insights and patterns. Leverage data to deepen your understanding, identify root causes, and enhance data-driven decision-making.

Research & Development

Accelerate your research and development efforts by leveraging comprehensive data. Expedite projects, identify innovation opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve in market and product advancements.

Knowledge Sharing & Expertise Building

Promote continuous learning and expertise in your organization. Enable informed decisions and collaborative knowledge sharing by providing easy access to diverse topics. Integrate comprehensive data into automated newsletters, shared spaces, portals, and internal tools.

Application & Product Development

Drive innovation in application and product development by integrating data-driven insights. Elevate functionality, enhance user experience, and create solutions that deliver value with precision. 

Experience Data Magic

When you use Nexis Data+, you get a combination of extensive data coverage, exclusive enrichments, and data science technology that keeps you ahead of the curve — all within a flexible API that seamlessly integrates third party data into your tools and systems.

The result? Nothing short of data magic.

Ready to empower your team to become subject matter experts and to unlock new insights that lead to better decisions?

I’m Ready to Transform Data into Action

Ready to make data magic? We can help.

Discover how Nexis Data+ can impact your business goals. Complete the form below or call 1-888-46-NEXIS to connect with a Data Consultant today.