A decision intelligence tool with an AI boost

Generate. Extract. Summarize. Empower. Nexis+ AI unlocks the potential of artificial intelligence to conduct industry analyses and market research using our rich data universe. Business professionals have relied on us for 50+ years to enhance their decision making. Now, with Nexis+ AI, they can accelerate their company research with a decision intelligence tool that makes finding insights from trustworthy sources faster than ever.

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Use AI with Built-in Accountability

Our AI-generated content cites every original source, and we make those citations readily accessible for transparency. We also:

  • Maintain data privacy requirements via data privacy principles, governance structures and control programs
  • Abide by the RELX Responsible AI Principles
  • Never use the content you generate or upload to train our or anyone else’s AI models

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Accelerate your company research with Nexis+ AI

Artificial intelligence in the business world as arrived. Unlock the full potential of AI with Nexis+ AI. And do so with a partner you can trust. Complete the form to get in touch with one of our Nexis+ AI experts.