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Nexis Newsdesk is an award-winning solution that lets you search, analyze, monitor and share insightful media intelligence on a single platform.

Intuitive Media Monitoring

Millions of news articles and online posts are curated and disseminated to you daily. You also receive news alerts, so you can effectively monitor your brand, competitors and industry.

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Analyze with data visualization

Assess and understand what’s being said about your brand, how your campaigns are performing, and how you stack up against competitors.

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Find Contacts and Optimize Outreach

Leverage journalists’ contact information without ever leaving the product. See contact details on specific journalists and analyze their sentiment, reach, and mentions all within Nexis Newsdesk.

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Quick search for quick answers

Use the guided search tool in Nexis Newsdesk to quickly capture the power of our content. You can search more source locations, such as additional countries, regions or states in just a few clicks.

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Nexis Newsdesk offers:

  • Unlimited media content searching
  • One-stop shop for all of your media monitoring needs
  • Nearly 100K news sources
  • 100M social media posts from 2.5 social media feeds

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