How much is Nexis Newsdesk?

Nexis Newsdesk delivers powerful media monitoring and analytics—priced according only to the datasets and capabilities that meet your organization’s precise needs. Our customized solutions are framed around the most essential to your media intelligence needs, so prices and subscription plans vary from client to client.

To better understand general Nexis Newsdesk pricing for your organization, start by reviewing the set of features and content that best meet your media monitoring needs.

  Essentials Professional Premium Enterprise

For a larger team or more customized options we’ll build a subscription that’s right for you.


Conduct searches using guided search or Boolean terms and connectors


One-clicks insights uncover hidden trends in your search results


Unlimited searches & dashboards with in-depth reporting, custom analytics & automated newsletters


Native iOS and Android mobile apps offer a seamless mobile experience across devices


Web news

Over 1 million articles added daily on average


Over 26 million social media posts from 2.5 million social feeds


Over 225,000 articles daily from more than 14,000 print sources

News archive

Access 5 years of local, global, and archived news content from 20,000 licensed sources


TV & Radio clips, with speech-to-text captions, available minutes after being broadcast


Pull in tweets directly from Twitter based on your search terms, hashtags or followed accounts

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Let’s Talk About Pricing

Need more? Our media intelligence solutions align with Nexis Newsdesk, such as:

Media Analytics

A powerful combination of media and human expertise. Gain deeper insight from your media coverage with an analysis expert.

Amplify Influence

Identify influencers and amplify messages with a cloud-based media database and communications service.

Social Analytics

Powerful social data intelligence, empowering brands and agencies to make smart business decisions based on social insight.

Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution tool that enables targeted distribution to 11 million websites globally as well as key social channels.

API Delivery

Multiple flexible, easy-to-integrate APIs that deliver news and social data to your feeds in XML or JSON.

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