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It’s increasingly important for organizations to demonstrate purpose and accountability in making decisions that benefit business, society, and our planet.  Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts are not only essential for sustainable investing, but quickly becoming a mainstay in effective business practice.

This free live tracker, powered by Nexis Newsdesk, allows you to leverage the power of news and media data to understand the ESG story. We provide a glimpse into ESG news coverage on specific organizations as well as overall trends in the ESG conversation.

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Key Environmental Topics Over Time

Explore media coverage over time of the most popular environmental topics. Click on a topic to view news stories from that week.

Top Companies with Positive Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Discover which organizations are mentioned the most favorably in terms of diversity and inclusion (DNI) in the workplace.

Key Governance Topics Over Time

From internet privacy to political donations and fundraising, see which Governance topics are generating the most ESG buzz.

Bribery Media Coverage by Source Country

Explore where in the world media coverage on bribery originates. Drill into a country or region to discover what the media dialogue is about the topic in that location.

Executive Compensation Key Topics

Discover what other topics are being mentioned alongside executive compensation in the media. Click on a topic to see news coverage about that subject + executive compensation.

The Power of LexisNexis

LexisNexis categorizes over 380 topics that fall under the umbrella so that you don’t have to. Get robust, thoughtful, results on the ESG topics you care about with the click of a mouse.

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*Charts shown analyze media coverage for the past 30-day or 7-day, from a limited content set of articles found on open web sources including websites, news sites and blogs, as well as certain print, broadcast, and social sources. Full set of news and media content is available in Nexis Newsdesk to subscribers.

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