2020 U.S. Political Tracker

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Media Monitoring Insights in the U.S. Political 2020 Elections

As U.S. voters prepare to head to the polls, presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial candidates on the campaign trail to address countless topics across the nation. Our interactive U.S. political data charts showcase a look into these topics and races, capturing 30-day or 7-day glimpses of near real-time media coverage that you can explore further and even share yourself in just a few clicks. Just click on “Embed this chart on your site” or reach out to our team of experts with any questions.

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Most Mentioned Senate Races

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*Charts shown analyze media coverage for the past 30-day or 7-day, from articles found on open web sources including websites, news sites and blogs, as well as certain print, broadcast, and social sources. Licensed news content is available to current Nexis Newsdesk subscribers only and will prompt login

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