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Accurate Research for Every Industry

Nexis meets your specific research needs, drawing from one of the world’s most comprehensive content databases to grow your business and protect your reputation.

Media Production & Journalism

Gain access to an unrivaled, global content collection, including a deep news archive and public records, to take your stories to the next level.

Nexis for Media and Journalism


Stay connected to relevant data using a flexible and agile research solution, so you can respond quickly with insights that fuel long-term growth for your clients.

Nexis for Consulting

Real Estate

Access critical public records, track judgements, liens and bankruptcies and identify current and future buyers to stay ahead of the competition.

Nexis for Real Estate

Competitive Intelligence

Stay steps ahead of the competition by identifying financial and revenue trends, accessing company overviews and analyzing industry landscapes to create a SWOT analysis.

Nexis for Competitive Intelligence


Find industry trends, sound investments, and opportunities to make smarter business decisions through our comprehensive news and company data.

Nexis for Finance


Maximize your fundraising campaigns with our extensive prospect research solution. Uncover hard-to-find donor contact information with our unmatched Public Records Collection.

Nexis for Nonprofit

Nexis Solutions Product Suite

Explore how our solutions provide the exact information you need to make strategic decisions, uncover new opportunities, surpass the competition and protect your reputation.

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