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Nexis Hub FAQs

What is Nexis Hub?

Nexis Hub can help you streamline how you collect, process, store and organize snippets of information. Seamlessly access and report out your findings from within Microsoft Office. With information safely collected and stored while you research, you can shorten the time it takes you to collect information while also minimizing the risk of information loss.

Nexis Hub can be used across web-based information sources, and it can be used independently from Nexis or any other LexisNexis subscription. Snip and save information and links from your broad set of online research resources (open and subscription based) right from the Nexis Hub browser extension. Nexis Hub can help you quickly uncover insights and produce research reports for key stakeholders.

Who is Nexis Hub for? 

Nexis Hub is built for professionals around the world who need to find and process information from different resources so that they can help their organization make informed decisions.

Examples of what Nexis Hub can help users streamline are analyzing competitors, identifying risks and opportunities, completing brand research or opposition research reports, researching M&A deals, and preparing equity investment cases. The possibilities are endless.

How does Nexis Hub work? 

Snip and pin from any page in a browser (free or subscribed) into Nexis Hub after installing the Nexis Hub Browser extension. Tag, group, and organize saved information when adding to and from within Nexis Hub.

Access information stored in Nexis Hub from the right-hand panel in Microsoft Word, and then click to insert information into any report you are working on.

Nexis Hub benefits from the built-in governance and security that Microsoft provides, ensuring your documents remain within your organization’s domain.

What information does Nexis Hub store? 

It depends on the resource and user choices.

From the web:

  • Links to documents and/or webpages
  • Snippets of text of up to 2000 characters as selected by the user
  • Annotation/comments added by the user
  • From the LexisNexis suite of products:
  • Source attribution and link to documents in Nexis Solutions product suite (Nexis, Nexis Uni, Nexis Diligence, Nexis Newsdesk)
  • Snippets of text of up to 2000 characters as selected by the user
  • Annotation/comments added by the user

Where is this information stored?

The information is stored in your own space in the LexisNexis AWS location. 

What happens with my data? 

Your data is stored in a secure location in our private cloud and will never be shared with 3rd parties. 

What versions of Microsoft Office is Nexis Hub compatible with? 

Office 365 and Office 2016 and higher. Desktop version, including Office for Mac. 

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