Optimize Risk Screening

Ensure your risk mitigation workflow is as dynamic as the regulatory and reputational risks you face. Diligence Spotter gives you an automated process for third-party checks and the continuous evaluation of risk factors.

Icon of a magnifying glass screen a third-party for risk

Third-Party Screening

Capture a 360-degree view of risk by screening suppliers and other third parties against published and internal blacklists, watchlists, sanctions and PEPs.

Icon of a line moving up and down to ongoing monitoring of risks for proactive risk management

Ongoing Monitoring

Automatically run daily batch screenings of critical third parties to keep pace with emerging risks and enable proactive risk management.

Icon of a scale to represent assessing the degree of risk posed by third parties

Risk Assessment

Quickly classify risk based on key factors including an individual’s or entity’s geographical exposure, activities and other potential red flags.

Icon of a government building and a magnifying glass to represent compliance and regulatory adherence

Case Management

Maintain clear audit trails of screening results and capture an at-a-glance view from the dashboard or generate an individual report on a third party.

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