Once due diligence is complete, how do you stay on top of strategic risks that may emerge?

Whether you’re using a manual or automated process, monitoring round-the-clock news media and evolving sanctions, PEPs and regulatory risks is a time-consuming task. And that’s not counting the extra time you’ll spend deciding if the red flags you spot are cause for concern or false alarms.

Nexis® Entity Insight automates the risk monitoring process, scanning a global content collection for mentions of third parties like your suppliers, business partners and customers. And PESTLE brings what matters most to you into focus. Take a closer look.

Sources MonitoredPESTLE
Negative and general news from global print, broadcast and web sources
Sanctions, watchlists and blacklists from 80+ countries      
Global PEP lists covering millions of PEPs, including family members and close associates      
Company, industry and market information including Experian® business data  

Quickly customize your risk monitoring

Our proprietary PESTLE risk scoring algorithm interprets data into potential risk:

Want to keep an eye on your business partnerships, suppliers and vendors to support your current CSR or ESG goals? Easily adjust your PESTLE view to show what matters most.
Concerned that a customer or business partner could expose you to strategic risk? No problem. Just change your PESTLE view to focus on what's important to you.
Want to show regulators that you’re meeting FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy recommendations? Align your PESTLE focus to keep watch on third parties for signs of bribery or corruption.

The result? You gain valuable time to stay ahead of potential risk.

Align risk monitoring to your most pressing concerns

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