Benefits of Legal Information

When it comes to identifying potential third-party risk, your due diligence needs to encompass legal sources. Instead of a time-consuming search on the open web, count on Nexis Diligence to aggregate a wide range of cases, dockets and agency decisions to ensure you get a comprehensive understanding of the potential risk to your business.

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Reveal hidden legal risk

Review decided court cases from state, federal, and international courts—including cases from the International Court of Justice—to see if an entity's litigation history suggests a likelihood of future legal actions. Additionally, find out if a third party your organization depends on has been subject to enforcement actions for committing financial crimes, engaging in bribery and corruption, or using forced labor.

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Anticipate potential legal issues

Expand due diligence to cover pending legal matters on the dockets in state and federal courts, so you can learn about ongoing legal issues that could pose a reputational or financial risk to your organization.

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Gain visibility into the business practices of others

Analyze data from legal sources to understand whether or not a mature business with little to no litigation history or declinations after a regulatory review suggests good governance. Or, find out if a lengthy litigation history or a pattern of negative agency decisions against an organization indicates the need for further due diligence prior to establishing a relationship.

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