CourtLink® Quick Tips

Alerts Tips

  1. Grow your business

    Know first about relevant new litigation and bolster your new business pipeline with CourtLink® Complaint-based Alerts. This exclusive tool enables you set up alerts that search and highlight specific keywords in the complaint so you can quickly identify new opportunities. CourtLink retrieves online US District Courts civil complaints hourly to ensure you are the first to know and first to act.

  2. Retain clients

    Ensure competing firms don't inform your clients of new case filings before you do. Set up CourtLink Alerts and be notified—as often as hourly—if your client is involved in new litigation so that you can be the first to advise them and retain and grow their business.

  3. Know first about new litigation

    Stay apprised of new litigation to ensure you are informed of activity that may impact your firm or matters. CourtLink lets you to set up alerts by many criteria including: judge, attorney, NOS, patent number, and more. You can centrally manage multiple alerts for the firm—and share relevant results with only those who will benefit.

  4. Know first about new proceedings and filings

    CourtLink New Event Alerts notify you of specific proceedings or filings in all of a litigant's ongoing cases, without monitoring every open case. You can be alerted of expert disclosures, entries of judgments, start of discovery and more.

  5. Keep an eye on the competition

    Use CourtLink Defense Counsel Alerts to monitor your competition and be notified anytime a particular attorney or firm is assigned to a given case. Leverage the insight to protect and grow your book of business.