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More Search Power

Get Lexis® Answers how-to literature

Ask Lexis Advance a question … Lexis® Answers understands you

New! Using state-of-the-art, machine-learning technology, Lexis Answers at Lexis Advance® understands and anticipates the research question you need. As you enter words in the Red Search Box, Lexis Answers suggests natural-language questions for your search and delivers a clear, concise and authoritative answer plus comprehensive search results for deeper research.

Lexis Answers can suggest natural-language queries for finding:

  • definitions of legal terms
  • burdens of proof
  • standards of review
  • elements of a cause of action
  • legal doctrines

Here’s how to use Lexis Answers:*

  1. Start typing a query in the Lexis Advance Red Search Box. You can begin in question form (e.g. “What is …”) but it’s not necessary.
  2. Lexis Answers suggests questions as you type. Just select and go.
  3. Lexis Answers delivers two types of results:
    • A Lexis Answers Card tops your results screen and displays a more concise answer from an authoritative source such as a legal dictionary or case law. Click on the source link to go directly to the precise answer passage in the source. You may also find links to related concepts.
    • Comprehensive search results from across your Lexis Advance subscription.

*Lexis Answers Cards are not available on transactional-only Lexis Advance plans.

Quickly refine all legislative, administrative/regulatory documents and financial analysts reports

Segments are searchable document parts. The TEXT segment contains just the actual text of a document, excluding other segments (like titles, headnotes and annotations). With the Lexis Advance service, you can restrict a search to one or more of these segments.

Limit a search to:

  • TEXT segments of all statutory, legislative and administrative/regulatory documents (in addition to codes and regulations)
  • Analyst reports covering specific Standard Industrial Classification codes (SIC) by using the SIC segment

Both segments are available in the Advanced Search form for the content type. Advanced Search forms are available just above the Red Search Box. Just click Advanced Search. Advanced Search forms also display automatically when you select a title via the Explore Content pod on the Lexis Advance home page.

Easier Results Review

Headnote topic classifications now streamlined in case law

Browse case-law headnotes faster—and get to relevant topics in the legal topic hierarchy quicker. All topic trails assigned to each headnote in a full-text case are still available, but now only the top headnote classification trails display. This top trail of links is selected by the team of LexisNexis® attorney-editors. Need to see more? You can still see all the topic classifications applicable to a headnote; just click the View more legal topics link (circled).

Shepard’s® reports are now easier to refine

Shepard’s reports now display the full date (month, day and year) for each citing decision, which allows for precision filtering—to the day—when you use the exclusive timeline post-filter on your report screen. Enter specific dates to narrow your report results. Or simply move the slider arrows. (See circles.)

Plus the Reason for Shepard’s Signal™ feature now includes the headnote and classification topics associated with the citing passage deemed most responsible for the Shepard’s Signal for your case. To access the Reason for Shepard’s Signal feature, select the Reason for Shepard’s Signal link in the right margin of your full-text case.


Added Document Flexibility

Choose from 47 citation styles when you copy and paste text

Choose from even more official citation formats for more jurisdictions when copying text from cases, statutes and administrative codes. Select official jurisdictional citation styles for 47 states. New jurisdictional-style formats include Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota and Vermont.

Just highlight the text to copy and select Copy (Advanced) from the options list. Then select your jurisdiction from the format pull-down menu (shown at right). Your choice stays until you change it.

Access source indices faster

Once you find your TOC (Table of Contents) source, it’s much easier to find and link to the source’s index. Display a TOC, and now a TOC index link will be included above the TOC search box for those sources with indices. Click the link to move directly to the index for that source.

More Must-Have Content

Cover Intellectual Property sources in a single search

Now tap all available patent, trademark and copyright sources from an Intellectual Property link in the Content Type listing of the Explore Content pod on the Lexis Advance home page. You can also apply this Intellectual Property topic as a pre-search category filter when starting a search from the Red Search Box.

Access on-demand training and support aids even faster

The Support pod on the Lexis Advance home page now includes a link for On-Demand Training. Access world-class support and training more easily: A single click takes you directly to the Lexis Advance Support & Training site.


Faster Start to Research

Begin practice-area research faster with two new Practice Centers

Access top sources for practice areas, industries and jurisdictions with Lexis Advance Practice Centers. Latest additions: the Immigration Practice Center and the Veterans Law Practice Center.

Enhanced Integrated Tools

Download more litigation and settlement data with one click

Deliver full reports from the Lexis Advance® Litigation Profile Suite and Lexis Advance® Verdict & Settlement Analyzer to your desktop fast and easily. The new Download Full Report icon allows you to download the results lists (increased from 250 to 1,000 results) and analytics in addition to the full report document.

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