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Here are the newest Lexis Advance® enhancements requested by customers like you.

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Smarter Analytics

Lex Machina® attorney analytics now available from Lexis Advance® cases

Lex Machina® Legal Analytics® for attorneys is now available in addition to analytics for judges and law firms. Quickly link from full-text Lexis Advance cases to preview summary charts that show attorney case filings by year and practice area. Plus, Lex Machina subscribers can sign in from Lexis Advance for deep analysis on attorneys, judges and law firms.

Just click the blue entity links for attorneys in your full-text case or your case’s Legal Analytics box (shown at the right.) Fine-tune your litigation strategy by better understanding the experience of the opposition. Or learn more about the counsel you wish to hire.

Lex Machina Image

Added Document Flexibility

Deliver just your news search hits with context using KWIC

This feature is perfect to help you review lengthy documents. Now deliver—print, email, download—documents with just your search terms surrounded by a window of text. The KWIC (Key Words in Context) option on your delivery option screen lets you set the number of words in the results window. (Fifty words on each side of your search hits is the default.)

NOTE: The KWIC delivery option is currently available only with News, Legal News and Copyright & Trademark content.

Now you have more delivery options

Deliver documents in RTF format in addition to other format options. And when you are delivering docket documents, you now have the choice to deliver the Docket Summary only.

New look, easier navigation for Table of Contents (TOC) sources

Newly redesigned TOC landing pages (see graphic at right) include better spacing and shading, as well as new open/close icons, so you can browse levels more easily.

More Search Power

Find statutes of limitation with Lexis Answers

The machine-learning technology behind the Lexis Answers feature can suggest a natural-language query for you and deliver two types of results.

Now you can go to the Red Search Box and ENTER: statute of limitation (your claim, charge or defense). As you enter, Lexis Answers will suggest statute of limitation queries. Select one and move to a Lexis Answers Card with a concise, authoritative answer to your query from federal case law. Plus find search results from across your Lexis Advance subscription.

In addition to statutes of limitation, you can request definitions, elements of a cause or action, standards of review, burdens of proof and legal doctrines.

Try these precision commands to search news

These three, specialized search commands help you home in on the right news articles:

  • ALLCAPS finds acronyms and other words in all caps. For example, allcaps (AIDS) finds AIDS and ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME but not the verb “aids.”
  • NOCAPS finds words without caps. For example, nocaps(aids) focuses on the verb but doesn’t find AIDS.
  • CAPS finds words with initial caps. To limit your search to Puerto Rico and not the RICO Act, enter: Puerto caps(Rico).

NOTE: These commands work in News content only.

Easier Results Review

Fine-tune your Shepard’s® reports with more court filtering options

Now filter your Shepard’s® report to more specific courts within a state or circuit. In the left Narrow By pane in your Shepard’s report, just select from the Court post-search filters. (See graphic at right.)

If you use the Shepard’s® BriefCheck feature, you can now filter your Shepard’s case law reports to citing decisions from specific courts within federal circuits or states.

Grid Image

Faster Start to Research

Move between products with the new “grid” icon

Now click the grid icon next to Lexis Advance® Research in the upper-left corner of most Lexis Advance screens, and display a graphical grid of products within your LexisNexis® subscription, eventually including your Law360®, Lex Machina Legal Analytics and Intelligize® subscriptions. Select a product and move to the landing page of that product. Fast and simple.

Begin research with the Workers’ Compensation and Commercial Practice Centers

Go to the most-used Lexis Advance Workers’ Compensation or Commercial (transaction) sources. Sources for each practice area are compiled together on one screen. Click the Browse pull-down menu at the top of most Lexis Advance screens. Select Practice Centers > By Practice Area or Industry > Workers’ Compensation or Commercial.

More Must-Have Content

Access primary law from across the globe

Coming soon! Before the end of December, you’ll find primary law sources (cases and legislation)* from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia and the United Kingdom via the International tab on the Explore Content pod on the Lexis Advance home page. Select the International tab then a nation link.

*Additional subscription may be required.

Enhanced Integrated Tools

LexisNexis MedMal Navigator® adds five new topics

Medical malpractice attorneys have five new medical issue topics to explore using the MedMal Navigator® solution: Kidney Transplant, Eye Infections, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, Narcotics/Pain Management and Brain Shunts.

Plus, now find a Federal jurisdiction option in the Case Value Assessment and Legal Analysis pods.

Lexis® for Microsoft® Office now supports Texas style manual

If your Lexis for Microsoft Office subscription includes Document Tools, you now have a new citation format option. When you select the Set Cite Format button, you can choose the Texas style manual.

Of course, you still have access to other formatting styles, including The Bluebook®, California, Florida and New York. If you use Lexis for Microsoft Office Document Tools via software, download the newest version with access to the Texas style manual support.

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