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Six million original reporter images coming to Lexis Advance®

View original reporter pages to confirm text or validate pinpoint citations. Download a case image and use as a filing attachment. Authoritative print reporter images of more than six million federal and state cases are being added to the Lexis Advance® service, including some historic reporter images not available from other online publishers. Beginning with federal cases in March, all federal and state case images should be added by the end of June.

Publishers’ editorial text—not part of the courts’ original opinions—has been redacted from the PDF images. Here’s a reporter PDF preview—no charge.

The availability of these additional images is the result of a collaboration between the Harvard Law School and Ravel Law (now part of the LexisNexis® group). PDF images will be available via link in the About This Document box on the right side of the full-text case. Just select a reporter image link as shown right.

Note: Lexis Advance works best when you adjust settings to accept content from the Lexis Advance service. If PDF images do not open when first accessed, check your pop-up blocker settings.
Additional charges to view the PDFs may be applicable. Contact your LexisNexis representative with questions about pricing options available.

Easier Results Review

Assess lengthy documents faster: It’s the KWIC display

The KWIC (Key Words In Context) display option is now available with some Lexis Advance results to help you quickly and efficiently determine the relevance of longer full-text documents. Simply click the KWIC button in the top-right corner of the full-text document. KWIC displays your highlighted search terms surrounded by a window of text you can adjust. (The default is 50 searchable words on each side of the search terms.) You can change the number of words by selecting the KWIC ± 50 button once you select KWIC. After you make the change, the new number setting remains until you change it again. The KWIC display is available in full-text cases, news and legal news documents, and IP content. You can also deliver (i.e., print, email, download) in KWIC for these content types.

Always know where you are in your results documents

Enhanced navigation enables you to quickly see where you are in your search results list, even when viewing a full-text document. Now, each full-text document you examine includes the results position, e.g., 1 of 94, at the top of the screen, along with the results list link and the next and previous document arrow links.

More Search Power

The Lexis Answers feature: Now one question can return three Lexis Answers Cards

Now you can view up to three Lexis Answers Cards from your Lexis Answers results screen, e.g., up to three definitions or three cases that explain the elements of or burden of proof for your issue.

Here’s how it works. Just enter your natural-language question, e.g., what are the elements of abuse of process? The Lexis Answers results include a Lexis Answers Card at the top of the screen. If there are additional Lexis Answers Cards to view, a Next link displays in the upper-right corner of the first results card. Use the link to move among the available results cards. Learn more about the Lexis Answers feature.

Enhanced Integrated Tools

Lexis® for Microsoft® Office now supports the Illinois style manual

If your Lexis for Microsoft Office subscription includes Document Tools, the Illinois state style manual is now available in your citation format options. When you select the Set Cite Format button, you can choose the Illinois style manual.

Of course, you still have access to other formatting styles, including The Bluebook®, California, Florida, New York and Texas. If you use Lexis for Microsoft Office Document Tools via software, download the newest version with access to the Illinois state style manual.

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