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By: Sara Larrimer, Esq.


    Search once—get updates automatically

  2. First, review the results of your news, cases or legislative search.

    Then click the gold bell alert icon at the top of your results screen. Choose an update schedule. Get updates online or sent to your email.

    Manage your alerts—edit, delete or check for updates—via the yellow alerts panel in Lexis Advance® My Workspace.

    Follow changes to Shepard’s® reports too! Click the alert icon at the top of your Shepard’s report.

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    About the Author

    Sara Larrimer, Esq., began her career as a litigation associate at Hahn Loeser & Parks in Columbus, OH. She joined LexisNexis in 2011 as a Research Consultant for law firms. Sara lives in Ohio and in her free time she volunteers as a mediator for the S.D. of Ohio’s quarterly settlement weeks and spends free time with her daughter.

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