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LexisNexis® CaseMap® Suite
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Why Sanction?

Sanction is a litigation presentation tool used for transforming and presenting exhibit images, rich media and transcripts into compelling and convincing courtroom presentations.

  • A valuable litigation resource tool that simplifies and gathers documents and video files to present evidence in the courtroom at ease.
  • Integration with CaseMap, TextMap and TimeMap. You can import linked documents as exhibits from CaseMap, text-only transcripts, exhibits and annotations from TextMap, and timeline visuals from TimeMap.


Automatic and Manual Transcript Synchronization

Sanction now has options to synchronize transcriptions:

  • Manually synchronize transcripts
  • Send transcripts to vTestify to synchronize automatically

Quick and Full Backups

You determin how you want to back up your files:

  • Complete a quick save backup within 15 minutes
  • Recover full backups up to 100

Training Guides

Read and refer to these training guides loaded with detailed instructions, graphics and tips.

System Requirements

The Sanction Answer Center

The Sanction Answer Center brings together helpful topics and useful information and is updated regularly with the latest infomation.

Sanction class options

Select and schedule a training class that best fits your needs