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Terms and Conditions of use for the LexisNexis Services

Policy on the use of LexisNexis legal education educational IDs*

Students and faculty may use their LexisNexis legal education ID only for academic purposes. “Academic purposes” include, but are not limited to:

  • class preparation and assignments
  • research associated with moot court or law review/law journal
  • research associated with pursuing a grant or scholarship
  • service as a research assistant to a professor (either paid or unpaid)
  • an unpaid internship, externship or clinic for school credit or graduation requirement
  • other purposes determined in the sole discretion of LexisNexis, such as the Graduate ID Program 

Students must be enrolled in a JD, LLM, or paralegal program or be a part of a LexisNexis approved pre-law, graduate or a program sponsored by the law school.

Except as related to the Summer Access program as described below, “Academic purposes” do not include research conducted for a law firm, corporation or other entity (other than a professor or law school) that is paying the student to conduct said research or that is passing along the costs of said research to a third party. These are deemed “commercial purposes”.

Students and faculty using their LexisNexis legal education IDs for commercial purposes risk forfeiture of their ID; unless the use occurs during the prescribed period of Summer Access for law students.

Summer Access is available to all law students once classes end for the semester/academic year, for the summer months of May, June, July and August. LexisNexis believes your participation in a summer associate, internship or clerkship program is a valuable part of your legal education. For that reason, during this period the permissible uses of their LexisNexis law school educational ID are expanded to include use at any law firm, government agency, court or other legal position, internship, externship or clerkship.

Each LexisNexis ID may only be used by the authorized user to whom it is assigned and may be not be shared with or used by any other person, including other authorized users. Students or faculty who have questions as to whether their proposed use of their LexisNexis legal education ID is permitted under these guidelines can contact their LexisNexis Representative for further clarification.

LexisNexis Legal & Professional does not sell or license information about its users' search queries from its products to any government or commercial organization.

*Legal Education IDs are defined as any access to LexisNexis products that is provided to the student or faculty member through their association with the law school. LexisNexis Products include, but are not limited to, Lexis, Law360, Lexis Learn, Total Patent, Patent Optimizer, Patent Advisor.

In addition to the foregoing terms, your use of this service is subject to the General Terms and Conditions For Use of The LexisNexis® Services.