About Us

What is the Alabama Civil Trial Reporter?

  • A monthly publication that reports verdicts and settlements in personal injury cases from circuit courts in the state of Alabama.
  • A jury verdict reporter, edited by lawyers for lawyers, which has provided continuous and reliable service since 1990.
  • The most valuable case evaluation and trial preparation tool in Alabama.

How will the Alabama Civil Trial Reporter benefit you?

  • Discover the value of cases similar to yours.
  • Access previous testimony of expert witnesses in similar cases.
  • Obtain detailed breakdown of itemized verdicts.
  • Identify attorneys who can network with you on case strategy and settlement techniques.
  • Educate clients as to the value of their cases.

What is included in a case report?

  • Factual Summary and Injury Description.
  • Expert Witnesses: Specialty and Location.
  • Verdict, Judgment or Settlement.
  • Additur and Remittitur.
  • Attorneys and Judge.
  • Age, Sex and Occupation of Plaintiff.
  • Style/Docket Number.

How are the cases indexed?

  • Subject Matter Index
  • Injury Index
  • Expert Witness Index
  • Judge Index
  • Insurance Company Index
  • Attorney Index