“Marijuana in the Workplace: An Update and a Look Forward” Webinar

“Marijuana in the Workplace: An Update and a Look Forward” Webinar

Monday, April 18, NOON – 1 P.M. ET

The District of Columbia and 23 states have legalized marijuana in some form and a few more have decriminalized it. Four of these states and D.C. have legalized marijuana for recreational use as well as medical use. However, marijuana remains illegal under federal law and employers, regardless of whether or not marijuana is legal, likely will not want their employees using it at work.

This Webinar will provide an overview of current marijuana laws, trends in the medical industry and insight into how changing times will likely impact our current, drug-free workplaces.

Learning objectives:

    • Understand the history of marijuana use
    • Understand the current legal framework surrounding marijuana and its potential volatility
    • Examine the judicial trends of wrongful termination claims related to legalized marijuana usage
    • Understand current medical research and what may lie ahead
    • Explore the complications of determining Impairment
    • Develop best practices for employers in this ever changing environment

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