Shepard’s® innovations and resources for your associates and law students

Shepard’s® innovations and resources for your associates and law students

October is a particularly busy month for the Shepard’s® Citations Service. It’s the time of year when law students are learning about “good law,” law review and journal students are cite checking articles, and new associates are Shepardizing™ to validate and find more authority.

Over the past 144 years, Shepard’s has maintained its position as the most innovative citation resource in the world by continuing to evolve with technology and develop innovative features that provide more vital legal insights, such as citing trends across courts, highlighting citing references with the strongest influence on case treatment, and providing visualization tools to help users analyze case connections and associated treatment.

The Shepard’s® integration with Ravel™ View helps users quickly identify the most influential cases. The Reason for Shepard’s Signal™ is also integrated, providing the citing reference that had the strongest influence on the Shepard’s Signal analysis applied.

In addition, Shepard’s Signal indicators have been added to statute subsections in most state jurisdictions, with more to come. This unique and timesaving feature allows users to quickly see how specific sub-sections are treated by courts.

Other timesaving tools:
   •   Shepard’s® BriefLink: automatically inserts permanent links for each legal citation referenced in a document
   •   Shepard’s® BriefCheck™: web-based product that allows you to upload a document and check up to 600 citations and quotations in briefs, memoranda, pleadings, motions and more

Coming soon: The Shepard’s case card incorporating data visualization and new features

Check out all the features that will help you leverage the power the Shepard’s and enhance your case or statutory analysis. Learn more by visiting the Shepard’s Citations Service page or download the updated interactive Be Confident in Your Cases with Shepard’s.