Librarian Relations Consultant Research Tip: How to add a case to Lexis Advance

On occasion, you may be asked to help your attorneys with adding a case to the Lexis Advance® online collection. Simply follow this process: If you have a copy of the opinion, email it to: and the team will work with the court to get it online. For every request...

Lexis Answers™ expands, providing up to three Lexis Answers Cards from your results screen

Now you can view up to three Lexis Answers Cards from your Lexis Answers results screen, e.g., up to three definitions or three cases that explain the elements of or burden of proof for your issue. Here’s how it works. Just enter your natural-language question, e.g., what are the elements of...

New Advanced Search form for Patents with 25 searchable fields

Get to the most relevant information faster with the new Advanced Search form for patents containing 25 searchable fields. The template surfaces all available segments. To see more recent enhancements, visit the Lexis Advance® New Enhancements page .