Transform current awareness with the LexisNexis® Legal Newsroom (August 2013)

Transform current awareness with the LexisNexis® Legal Newsroom (August 2013)

More news, more practice-area commentary … delivered more ways! (Access the PDF)

Get breaking legal news and see how a topic unfolds in major legal publication headlines. Even get the updates sent to your email or delivered via RSS. Share vital details via social media channels.

In short, get legal news you need delivered the way you want at

The LexisNexis Legal Newsroom, which replaces and expands upon the LexisNexis Communities, is a public-facing website where you can:

  • View top legal headlines on one screen— no charge. See constantly updated news from Law360®, Mealey’s™, ALM® and other leading publishers.
  • Link to full-text documents within your subscriptions
  • Read and use full-text blog posts— no charge
  • Select from 30 practice areas for focused updates
  • Search for coverage on any topic you follow
  • Set customized RSS feeds on your vital legal topics
  • Share vital news quickly through your favorite social media channels
  • Sign in to your LexisNexis subscriptions for further research

This article shows you how.

View the latest news headlines from top publishers—no charge!

You get more news, opinion and analysis than ever before, and it’s all on one page so you can browse, compile your insights and be in the know quickly. Get news as it breaks and understand its implications.

Share links with colleagues; comment and/or post to social media. (Read on to see how.).

Need the full text? If you have a subscription to the content, you can link directly from the headline to the full text, no authentication needed. Print? Yes!

Get daily news headlines from:

  • ABA and state bar journals
  • ALM
  • Law360
  • Mealey’s
  • The New York Times®
  • Tax Analysts Inc.

Plus get opinion and analysis from Mealey’s bulletins and commentary, LexisNexis® Emerging Issues Analysis, State Net® Capitol Journal and full-text blog content from more than 25 firms and 25 individual bloggers.

Zero in on coverage from 30+ practice areas, jurisdictions—even the hottest emerging legal issues

Just click Select your Topic from the home page.

Are you a registered user? Display your page and click the Favorites star in the right margin. The page will be saved under the Favorites tab on the home page. (You can also save favorite posts!)

Link from posts and articles to Lexis Advance® and/or® documents

You must be a Lexis Advance® or® subscriber to view the full text.

SEARCH the LexisNexis Legal Newsroom!

Make it simple. Click on a tag or word cloud phrase to find more coverage on the tag or word cloud topic. You’ll find the topic tags following the posts; word clouds display in the right margins.

Or search the Legal Newsroom for any topic you choose.

Use the search box to search across the newsroom, or limit your search to a specific community, e.g., Labor & Employment. Just enter the search words you wish to find, e.g., ENTER: attorney fees trademark

For example, to search for discussions of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) in posts and headlines across the newsroom …

Then you can filter your search results. Or re-sort from most recent (the default display) to most relevant, highest rating or alphabetical.

Even create an RSS feed on a filtered or unfiltered topic.

You can also create an RSS feed for a Newsroom practice page for easier access and update. (Add it to your LexisNexis® Publisher newsletters! Here’s how.)

Subscribe to daily or weekly email newsletters & digests

If you register as a member of the LexisNexis Legal Newsroom, you can get news headlines sent directly to your inbox daily and/or weekly. Get digests with all headlines. (Click the Subscribe to Newsletter link on the home page.) Or select digests for a specific practice area, jurisdiction or emerging issue. (Select a topic then click Subscribe to Newsletter.)

Use social media to share and follow news

When you access full-text Law360, ALM, Mealey’s and other full-text subscription articles, you can share via your standard subscription options. However, when you wish to share Legal Newsroom posts—or entire Newsroom blogs—just use the social media links to share via the LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Twitter®, GoogleTM sites or email. (See right.) Or choose several sharing options.

To follow the Legal Newsroom communities via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or RSS, use the social sharing icons at the top of the screen.

Find coverage related to your post at the LexisNexis® Store. Look for Related Publications next to your post.

Join and get more …

Become a Newsroom member and get more—including daily and/or weekly email update digests and a Favorites page to save important posts, articles, pages and more. To join the LexisNexis Legal Newsroom— no charge—just click Communities Sign In at the top of Newsroom screens.