Compare SEC filings side by side with the Knowledge Mosaic® Redline Tool (October 2013)

Compare SEC filings side by side with the Knowledge Mosaic® Redline Tool (October 2013)

Now Knowledge Mosaic® subscribers can use the new Redline Tool to detect them in 10-Ks, 8-Ks and Risk Factors language. (See graphics in PDF). And check out the video.

Minor revisions to SEC filings can speak volumes. Now you can detect even slight changes, deletions and additions to 10-Ks, 8-Ks and Risk Factors language.

Select the Knowledge Mosaic® Redline Tool, and the screen comparison shows you which text has been added, omitted or revised—and how.

  • Track changes to disclosures over time by a particular company.
  • View revisions between original and amended filings.
  • Compare similar disclosure sections by two different companies.

Even compare excerpts from the same filing! To use the Redline Tool you must log in with a personal account. If you’re accustomed to accessing the Knowledge Mosaic website without a login, that means you’re part of an organization that has firmwide access. Individuals in such organizations can get a personal account, at no additional charge, as part of that firmwide subscription. Just contact your librarian or the Knowledge Mosaic support staff.

The Redline Tool is currently available for the Knowledge Mosaic SEC Filings search page 10-K Item and 8-K Item searching and for the Risk Factors search page. (Both SEC Filings and Risk Factors are located under the DISCLOSURES & TRANSACTIONS tab.)

Add items to the Redline Tool from your results screen. Click document checkboxes, then click the “Save Checked for Redline” button. Or select the document you are viewing in HTML format and click the “Add to Redline” button. Also gain access to the Redline Tool by clicking the link at the top of the screen next to Doc Cart.

In addition to comparing filing excerpts, the Knowledge Mosaic Redline Tool can:

  • Create redline comparison documents that can be converted to Microsoft® Word or PDF formats. Save or email the documents!
  • Retain up to 25 selections to be redlined now—or stored for later comparison.
  • Upload excerpts from your own documents to compare against an SEC filing excerpt. You can even use the tool to compare two of your own excerpts.